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Merck’s Ultra High Potent API Lab

This OEB5 potent compound lab located at Merck's Rahway, New Jersey campus was designed by MP Engineering using novel virtual reality methods to provide a life like, interactive experience of the lab prior to fabrication.

Merc Ultra High Potent API Lab
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Bioreactors and SuperSkid Technology

GMP Engineering has subject matter expertise in scaling-up and scaling-out biological processes that employ bioreactors, including upstream and downstream process equipment.

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Medicago New Influenza Vaccine Facility, QC

Custom design, project development and integration of process critical infrastructure

Medicago New Vaccine Facility, QC
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Medicago COVID-19 Facility, QC

Design, build and commission of new
COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing process

Medicago Covid-19 Facility, QC
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Confidential Client, USA

Enhanced conceptual design of a complete green field facility

Confidential Client, USA Image
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