Confidential Client, USA

Confidential Client, USA

“Facility-of-the future (FoF)” for cross-functional development of ultrahigh potent new small molecule and biologic modalities.

Our Scope
Enhanced conceptual design of the complete green field facility encompassing but not limited to project definition, preliminary plant floor layout including equipment, preliminary engineering of the building and all services, design concept optimization, project execution plan, construction strategy, capital cost estimation.

Services Provided:

Facility Concept Design
Project Development
and Management

Concept Project Scope

  • Process-centric concepts & layouts
  • GMP compliant flows
  • Clean room and environmental system design
  • Utility load determination and preliminary design
  • Modular facility concept design
  • QC Laboratories
  • Ultra-high potent (OEB-5) API material handling
  • Handling of highly flammable materials
  • Handling of highly hazardous and toxic materials
  • Chemical reactor design
  • Isolator requirements and integration
  • Incinerator requirements and process integration
  • Proprietary equipment design
  • Superskid modular preliminary design
  • Fire protection strategy
  • Facility capability definition and characterization
  • Equipment design and facility layout concepts for optimal R&D flexibility and space optimization
  • Preliminary engineering of building and all services based on preferred concepts
  • Development of potent waste handling solutions from cradle to grave
  • Adaptation of Industry 4.0
  • Preliminary project schedule
  • Capital cost estimation (± 30% cost estimation)
  • Project execution plan (PEP)
  • Concept/basic design (CD/BD) engineering for the modular facility design and constructability
  • Site Evaluation