Bioreactors and SuperSkid Technology

The Benefits of Integrating Bioreactors and SuperSkid Technology

Bioreactors are key equipment used for the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products from live organisms such as microbes and mammalian cells. 

They are used to manufacture products such as:

  • Vaccines
  • Insulin
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • All sorts of therapeutics

GMP Engineering has subject matter expertise in scaling-up and scaling-out biological processes that employ bioreactors, including upstream separation and downstream purification process equipment.

With in-house process engineering experience and capability, we provide complete solutions encompassing basic and detailed design, equipment specification development, fabrication management, and commissioning/qualification of the process equipment. We also bring to bear our expertise in knowing how bioreactors operate and how to optimize the design for client specific needs.

SuperSkid Design

Process equipment can be designed, fabricated, and tested as skidded units prior to delivery to the client’s manufacturing site. This provides a controlled fabrication process compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) while the facility is being constructed. This methodology provides both schedule and cost benefits.

Multiple equipment units can be designed to be assembled and interconnected on a SuperSkid which includes a local control system, shared operator platform and single tie-in points for utilities. This minimizes installation complexity and chance for errors at the client’s site. 

SuperSkids are designed to be factory tested prior to shipping. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) provides the client with verification that the design meets the User Requirement Specification (URS) and Functional Design Specification (FDS). During the FAT the equipment is checked for mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control system completeness in addition to operating performance through dynamic testing. 

Once the skid arrives on site, it's ready for plug-and-play installation. Often the FAT can be leveraged as part of the client’s overall commissioning and qualification strategy.

Very large and complex Superskids can be factory fabricated in transportable modules for shipment via truck and air to the client’s site. Modules are designed with mating flanges that allow them to be interconnected on-site like a Lego set without the need of specialized equipment or installation crew.

Bioreactor SuperSkid

The SuperSkid shown in the video consists of an equipment train integrating a 80 L Seed Bioreactor, 500 L Production Bioreactor and a 500 L Refrigerated Hold Tank for aseptic storage of the product.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Custom designed to client’s specific requirements with conformance to ASME BPE, ISA 88, ISA 95 and GMP
  • Bottom drive seal-less agitators with multiple Rushton turbine impellers
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) design including skid mounted CIP unit
  • Steam-in-Place (SIP) design for sterilizing the equipment and media
  • Fully automated controls with Batch Software and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ready
  • Functional Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the fully assembled skid including control functions, steam sterilization and CIP recipes
  • Plug & Play site installation

Bioreactor Automation

The SuperSkid utilizes a fully automated process control system. These systems are integrated with batch software and SCADA system and are ready to be integrated into the MES. Instrumentation and controls include:

  • Nutrient fed batch control
  • Mixer speed measurement and control
  • Oxygen flow rate measurement and control
  • Back pressure control measurement and control
  • Multi-parameter Dissolved Oxygen cascade control logic with agitation, gas inlet flow rate, %O2 gas mixture, back-pressure, and nutrient feed
  • Cascade temperature measurement and control
  • pH measurement and control via acid and base addition
  • Foam control via antifoam addition
  • Designed to interface with future Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

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