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Our mission is to provide right first time full comprehensive project solutions for the life cycle of the asset

GMP Engineering is a boutique process engineering, project management and consulting company focused on custom design, project development and integration of process critical infrastructure and equipment for the bio-pharmaceutical and GMP compliant industries.  Quality of staff, ways of working, inherent experience and expertise and organization culture is what makes us uniquely different.

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100+ bio-pharma projects from small to large green field projects

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International Experience: Americas, Europe, Asia

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Project development and management of capital projects in excess
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GMP Engineering employs accomplished subject matter experts with global international experience in GMP facility design, project management, construction management, procurement, validation, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, manufacturing and operations.

Our organization is built on the ability to recruit and develop the best young talented people and integrate them with the experience and expertise of our senior engineering, operations and compliance team. Through this approach we deliver highly qualified cross-disciplined and cross functional teams of process engineers, project managers and consultants. We deliver solutions ensuring a better client experience and outcomes

Our methodology is based on clearly understanding and defining the required outcomes and deliverables within given project cost, time and technical constraints

We achieve this through effectively translating these needs through an interactive and stage-gate consultative process with the client. GMP Engineering provides integrated and experienced project execution teams that work within the client’s organizational structure satisfying both needs and support required to drive projects to successful completion.

We provide full project lifecycle support encompassing specification development, design, compliance, fabrication supervision, through installation, commissioning, qualification and start-up of both equipment and facilities from
concept to hand-over.

Our experienced responsive and effective execution model allows us to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. We provide right first time full comprehensive project solutions for the life cycle of the asset.

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HPAPI Summit 2022, Boston

The BioPharmaceutical Industry continues to rapidly advance with development of ‘cross modality' ultra potent compounds. This complex situation has required innovative thinking and approaches to traditional ways of working concerning scientific development, containment controls, and process design, engineering, and execution. Our client's advancing pipeline requires a facility capable of delivering GMP quality, ultra-potent antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). As with many of our clients, to do so in a rapid manner means retrofitting existing space/equipment or planning new space while delivering the latest containment equipment capable of protecting both the person and the product ('dual simultaneous containment' within one facility).

This challenge increases exponentially when faced with severe spatial constraints, COVID travel and working restrictions (communication difficulties), and numerous supply chain issues. To ensure ‘right first time' success we employ a design approach striving for perfect communication through visualization. This occurs in many forms such as: Teams virtual project meetings, Factory virtual tours via Hololens, Interactive Virtual Reality design reviews, and numerous implementations of 3D models throughout the entire project lifecycle. This novel approach ensures a seamless transfer of information amongst end users, designers, engineers, equipment fabricators, constructors, and all compliance entities (safety, quality, maintenance, etc.). It also enables benefits such as ‘precision installation', expedited protocol development, and augmentation of client's staff to expedite front runs and ‘final set-ups'.


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“I have been working with Design Engineering companies for the last 40 years, and GMP brought in a breath of fresh air. They have a very unique team and they demonstrate that unique value in multiple ways" - Norm Medeiros, Medicago

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