Industry Expertise

Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Bacterial fermentation
    and cell cultures
  • Viral vectors
  • Plant and egg
  • Antibody drug conjugates
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Icon
Active Pharmaceutical
Ingredients Manufacturing
  • Inorganic Chemical Synthesis
  • Organic Chemical Synthesis
  • Bioconjugation
  • Extractions
Plasma Derived Protein Icon
Plasma Derived Protein Manufacturing
  • Plasma Fractionation
  • Fraction Purification

Design Expertise

We design state-of-the-art integrated process equipment systems for laboratories, pilot and production facilities with upstream and down-stream unit operations for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and traditional pharmaceutical products.

GMP team working

Process & Process
Control Expertise

  • Aseptic Manufacturing and Sterile Fill-Finish
  • Compounding and formulation
  • Cell culture and microbial fermentation with downstream recovery
  • Upstream biomass microfiltration, centrifugation and homogenization
  • Buffer preparation, storage and distribution
  • Downstream tangential flow filtration, UV inactivation and chromatography purification
  • Flammable solvent processing, storage and recovery
  • Biosafety, containment and isolator technology
  • Single-use system (SUS) and hybrid single-use systems
  • GAMP compliant process instrumentation and automation
  • Small and large volume parenteral
  • Lyophilisation
  • Ultra-high potent (OEB-5) API material handling
  • BSL-3+ containment
  • Handling of highly hazardous and toxic materials
  • Chemical reactor and Bioreactor design
  • Solid dosage (tablets, capsules)
  • Semi-solids (creams, ointments)
  • Superskid modular design

Facility Design Expertise

Working at facility image
  • Process-centric concepts & layouts
  • GMP compliant flows
  • Clean room and environmental system design
  • Modular facility solutions
  • QC Laboratories
  • Pilot plants
  • 3D modelling

Virtual Reality
Design Expertise

We employ VR and other modern tools as a powerful communicator, allowing our clients to interact with, better see and understand their project, which leads to more informed decisions and minimizes potential mistakes.

Virtual Reality Image

Process Support & Clean Utilities

  • Aqueous and solvent based Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Steam-in-place (SIP) and Clean-out-place (COP)
  • USP Purified Water and Water for Injection
  • Pure Steam and gases
  • Temperature Control Units (TCUs)
  • Bio-waste Inactivation
Facility Image